Upcoming events

All of our events – from public exhibitions and design sessions to community activities – will be advertised on this page.

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Drop in at the Tadlow Hub

The Tadlow Hub is open for everyone to drop in and talk to the housing and regen team. At the Hub you can:

  • Come and see drawings of the new homes and green spaces and look at the regeneration models.
  • See full-size examples of a bathroom and kitchen that will be built in the new homes if residents vote ‘yes’
  • Talk to the team for help with any questions you might have
  • You can register for a meeting with the Housing Landlord Services team to talk about your housing needs and options.

Find out more about your Landlord Offer – drop-in sessions

Free drinks and snacks for everyone.
There will be supervised activities for young children.

Each session will be held at the Tadlow Hub as follows:
    Wednesday 4 December 12 – 7:30PM
    Saturday 7 December 11 – 3PM
    Wednesday 11 December 12 – 7.30PM
    Thursday 12 December 10 -10 PM
    Saturday 14 December 11 – 3PM

Upcoming Events

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Opening times:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10am – 5pm

Tuesday, Thursday
10am – 7:30pm

Address: Tadlow House,
Washington Road, KT1 3JL

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Visit To Acton Gardens

A free trip to see what our new homes and facilities could be like. Refreshments provided. Pick-up and drop-off at 2 Tadlow Hub, Washington Road, KT1 3JL

November 2019

Wednesday 27 November
Pick up from CRE Tadlow Hub
2pm – 6pm

December 2019
Thursday 5 December
Pick up from CRE Tadlow Hub
2pm – 6pm

December 2019
Tuesday 10 December
Pick up from CRE Tadlow Hub
10am – 2pm

*To register your interest for the free trip, email: creregen@kingston.gov.uk,
call 020 8547 5600 ext 4421,
or just drop into the Tadlow Hub.