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Set up in June 2020, the community board is a membership group made up of local resident and community groups, and the three Norbiton ward councillors who work together to represent the CRE community throughout the duration of the regeneration programme. Board members will provide ideas and give feedback, review proposals and policies, ask questions, as well as oversee bids to a community chest for community projects. This will ensure that the regeneration programme is successful — delivering for residents the safe, quality homes and neighbourhood they deserve.

You can find out what our community board has been discussing by clicking on the links shown below and reading the minutes from the last few meetings.

If you are interested in joining the community board or would like to find out a bit more, please do get in touch with the team who would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the board.

Before establishing the community board, a resident steering group (RSG) worked closely with the regeneration team. This group was made up of CRE residents, the three chairs of CREst, CRERA and One Norbiton, and the three local ward councillors.

The RSG worked with the Council to select our joint venture partner for the regeneration, Countryside, were involved in the recruitment and monitoring of the independent advisor, PPCR, who has provided support to residents on all aspects of the regeneration plans, and provided ideas and suggestions for consultations and the involved in the development of The Landlord Offer.